Jase Stevens is the owner and head coach of Man The F Up, the leading male transformation coaching company in the world. Former competitive bodybuilder and veteran coach Jase Stevens passion and purpose is helping others achieve success in all areas of life via his extreme body transformation coaching.
Competing for the first time nearly ten years ago Jase has spent a decade refining and honing his skills that make him one of the most sought after coaches today. Years of trial and error working on his own body was the launching pad for producing life changing results in others. He decided to make his coaching services available to the public since 2013 and never looked back.
In the midst of 2020 during a global pandemic Jase realized the need for such a niche service, support, community and guidance for men specifically. With that in mind he launched Man The F Up, his team quickly climbed in popularity and now today are producing the best transformation found anywhere.
Jase is know for his extreme body composition results with clients, producing what some would say “almost impossible results” in a short period of time. His communication skills also make him one of a kind and true leader among his following of loyal fans and clients.
Over the years Jase has worked his way to some of the highest accolades in the fitness modelling world. Landing on the cover of multiple magazines, multi page training spreads and world wide ad campaigns for his sponsor Muscle Tech. His work has been published in magazines such as Inside Fitness, Mens Health, Iron Man Mag and Muscle Insider.